Moojan Ghafurian



I have been teaching assistant in the following courses. Responsibilities included: Teaching sessions of classes; holding problem-solving sessions; designing assignments, quizzes, midterm/final exams, and class competitions; grading and providing feedback; serving as a chief TA, responsible for man- aging the course, assignments, and coordinating other TAs; tutoring students in class and during office hours.
  • Object-Oriented Design and Software Applications (IST 311)
    Instructor: Dr. D. R. Mudgett - Spring 2017

  • Organization of Data (IST 210)
    Instructor: Dr. B. V. Hanrahan - Spring 2016

  • Usability Engineering (IST 413)
    Instructor: Dr. F. E. Ritter - Spring 2015

  • Organization and Design of Information Systems: User and System Principles (IST 331)
    Instructor: Dr. F. E. Ritter - Spring 2015

  • The Engineering of Complex Software Systems (IST 412)
    Instructor: Dr. D. R. Mudgett - Fall 2014

  • Intelligent Systems
    Instructor: Dr. M. Mirian - Spring 2013

  • Multiagent Systems
    Instructor: Dr. F. Taghiyareh - Fall 2012

  • Programming Languages (Chief Teaching Assistant)
    Instructor: Dr. F. Ghasemi - Fall 2012

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Instructor: Dr. M. Mirian - Fall2011 and Fall 2012

  • Discrete Mathematics (Chief Teaching Assistant)
    Instructor: Dr. S. Mohammadi - Spring 2012

  • Discrete Mathematics
    Instructor: Dr. S. Mohammadi - Fall 2010, Spring 2011 & Fall 2011

  • Theory of Formal languages and Automata
    Instructor: Dr. K. Fooladi - Fall 2010 and Spring 2011